Using Science to Create a Healthy Living Environment

We are a non-profit research group and NGO that brings together landscape architecture, neuroscience and computer science to improve the quality of our living environments.

Years of research brought us to the cutting-edge finding that the design and maintenance strategies of our living environment have a real impact on our brain activity, day in and day out, year by year. We want to share what we learned with the wide international audience of academics, designers, decision makers and residents of urbanized areas

The space designed around us can be healing, destructive, or completely neutral to our health. Choosing contemplative landscapes benefits the well-being and improvement of quality of life, especially in urban environments.
It is not just a passing trend. It is science!

Our goal is to advance the knowledge in the evidence-based space design and promote it through various actions.
Below some products of the research that we have conducted so far:

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