Research Projects

EKLIPSE, Types and characteristics of urban green & blue spaces having an impact on human mental health and wellbeing

01.10.2017 – ongoing | EUROPEAN UNION

EKLIPSE in March 2017 called for expertise to assess and share existing cross-disciplinary knowledge following up a request initially put to EKLIPSE by the Expert Working Group Biodiversity & Health, 3rd National Plan on Health and Environment (PNSE3) – Ministry in charge of the Environment (MTES), France, aiming at providing recommendations for the “conservation, creation, design and management of natural spaces that would benefit urban citizens, by maintaining or enhancing their mental health and wellbeing”, as well as promoting systematic, interdisciplinary, and cross-cultural research. Knowledge assessment and synthesis Protocol and Systematic Review on what types and components of urban green/ blue space have actual benefit on mental health of urbanites.  (read more…)

EYE PROGRAM, Working out the prototype of CLASS

01.10.2015 – 31.03.2016 | PORTO | PORTUGAL

Six month long program funded by the European Commission focused on developing the Automated Scoring system and the Image Classification of Contemplative Landscapes. The interdisciplinary team worked on an algorithm that incorporates the newest image classification methods and worldwide expert responses on the landscape scenes, creating a prototype of the CLASS software (read more…)

Contemplative Values of Urban Parks and Gardens: Applying Neuroscience to Landscape Architecture

01.10.2010 – 05-02.2016| COIMBRA-PORTO | PORTUGAL

PhD research funded by Portuguese National Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) explored how landscape design strategies of urban parks and gardens can influence brain activity pattern of the visitors. For the purpose of the experiment, we established the concept of a green outdoor space that combines high aesthetics and ecological values together with mental health benefits, and we coined it as a Contemplative Landscape. Read more about this research here...