A.I. for Mentally Healthy Cities

Urban environments consist of countless numbers of images that humans perceive. These images shape the quality of exposure and ultimately add up to build a construct of places in our minds. Different images and place exposures will have different influence on our mood, stress levels, and when perceived day in and day out throughout the years, will shape our mental health and well-being.

Even though some assessment methods are out there, humans cannot possibly assess the quality of environmental exposure and all possible views, even within one city area. Here Artificial Intelligence and Big Data processing comes in handy. We work on innovative image and brain imaging software tools enabling instant scoring of large numbers of digital landscape images according to contemplative landscape features and evaluation of the spaces based on real-time brain imaging tracking.

Associated projects:


01.01.2024 – 31.12.2027 | HORIZON EU

An EU-funded journey transforming climate action. The GreenINCities community is at the forefront of developing transformative, nature-based solutions. By valuing both human and non-human needs, we fuse data-driven innovation with neuroscience to co-create a sustainable future. Barcelona, Prato, Nova Gorica, Athens, and Helsinki are pilots and front runners towards positive change.

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EYE PROGRAM, Working out the prototype of CLASS

01.10.2015 – 31.03.2016 | PORTO | PORTUGAL

Six-month long program funded by the European Commission focused on developing the Automated Scoring system and the Image Classification of Contemplative Landscapes. The interdisciplinary team worked on an algorithm that incorporates the newest image classification methods and worldwide expert responses on the landscape scenes, creating a prototype of the CLASS software.

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EYE PROGRAM, Working out the prototype of CLASS

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