Women and Girls in Science Day 2018

11 February is UN’s International Day of Women and Girls in Science. While girls have exactly the same potential to be scientists, researchers, and influencers as boys, somehow our societal norms are still not living up to that natural, full potential half of the world’s population. Initiatives like UN’s International Days are still necessary and a great tool to show young girls and women that science and research is, in fact,  as cool as anything else the social media and the society is suggesting as ‘cooler’.

That said, let us introduce you to an inspiring woman, researcher (soon to become PhD), author, entrepreneur and an expert in the field of Landscape Design and Mental Health, Gayle Souter-Brown, who we got to know recently.

We invite you to listen to an interview she gave for Radio New Zeland about the healing potential of landscapes. Tons of positive energy, hope for the future, practical solutions for landscape design and heaps of knowledge are just some things you can expect from this recording. Here is to more passionate, talented, hardworking women in science!

Interview link: