Finals of the National Business Plan Competition, iUP25k, University of Porto

Neuro-Landscape in the Finals of the National Business Plan Competition!

As the idea of Neuro-Landscape and how it may serve people emerged, we felt a need of confronting it with the reality of the market. This is why we took part in the Business Plan competition organized by the University of Porto for its alumni students.

The competition iUP25k is organized every year since 2013 and besides the competition itself offers support with the development of the business idea, presentation and networking.

We went through all stages of evaluation of proposals, and got to the Finals!
We were invited to the first pitch session at the University of Porto. After successfully passing this stage we were invited to 2-day workshop in order to polish the sharp edges of our business model, prepare the product, and set up the most important milestones for future. After that we took part in the “Pitch me up” workshop in order to prepare the best possible finals pitch.

We received a lot of feedback and suggestions from people that are for many years deeply rooted in business scene in Portugal but also internationally, who know the theory and practice. The final pitch took place in a iconic “Casa do Infante” in Porto Old city center. The link to the pitch video below:

While waiting for the final verdict we summed up all the reflections collected during the process. All in all, our idea does not fit in the competitive rat race of business world, it is rather an idea of sharing our knowledge, of how to inform people to make their life easier, and promote solutions for mental health issues.

That is why regardless of what the final verdict will be, Neuro-Landscape will never be a profit- oriented enterprise but rather a non-profit, pro publico bono organization.

We still value and appreciate the experience gained during the iUP25k competition, going through all the stages, and meeting wonderful people there. We are glad and honored that our idea got to the top finals!!

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