SBE 26 Fev 2016

The Landscapes and the Brain Seminar, Vairão, Portugal, 2016

The latest seminar on the results of 5-year long studies on the contemplative landscapes and how do they influence the brain activity. Results of the experiment first time revealed in public in CIBIO Research Center, Vairão, Portugal.
A very exciting moment for a PhD candidate (A.Olszewska) to present the findings of her doctoral research to wider public. This has happened at the CiBiO research center in the campus located north from Porto city.

During 1 hour seminar public could hear in detail about all of the methods and procedures as well as the findings from the 4 year research on “Contemplative Values of Urban Parks and gardens: Applying Neuroscience to Landscape Architecture”.

In the Q&A session a lot of interesting questions was posed, and also a lot of suggestions and ideas of how to apply the discovered matters were shared. Definitely a very interesting session that deserved to be recorded.

Watch the video from the seminar