Final Experiment

The time for the final experiment has come. Full sample size, better data acquisition equipment, and 3D quality of images, displayed on the stereoscopic wall. The experiment’s size is nothing like the most reliable clinical experiments, but appropriate to the resources of a PhD research project. Still, enough to prove the hypotheses true or false.

We examined 33 healthy subjects aged 20-39 years old. They were shown 2 sequences of stimuli during simultaneous brain activity signal recording. This was following the resting state (baseline) recording.


Setup of the lab-experiment: 1. Acquisition equipment 8-channel cap (ENOBIO) 2. Blutooth adapter, 3. Acquisition computer, 4. 3D shutter glasses 5. IR emitter, 6. Stereoscopic wall (stimuli display) 7. Stereoscopic mirror, 8. 3D projector, 9. Stimuli presentation computer 10. HDMI cable, 11. USB cable

The experiment was possible thanks to the kindness of Porto Interactive Center (PIC), and Laboratory of Neuropsychophysiology of University of Porto.