About us

Meet our team

We are a team of young scientists and professionals, representing different scientific and technical fields, originating from five different countries and speaking eight languages. We are working together to improve the living conditions in our cities by emphasizing the role of green space design for people's mental health and well-being. See below more details about each of us, have a look at our publications, and what we do, or simply get in touch!

Agnieszka Olszewska-Guizzo (Ph.D)

President & Founder

 Landscape Architecture & Urban Ecology, Neuro-psychophysiology


Agnieszka Chadała

Vice President, Treasurer

Landscape Architecture, Environmental & Spatial Analyses


Theophrastos Mantadelis (Ph.D)

Scientific Board Member

Lead Research Consultant, Computer Science,  Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning


Nicolas Escoffier (Ph.D)

Scientific Board Member

Lead Researcher Neuroscience, Psychology & Behavioural Science


Diana M. Benjumea Mejia (Ph.D)

Scientific Board Member 

Lead Researcher in Nature Connection & Mental Health of Communities | Urban Studies and Social Sciences


Weronika Gąsior (Ph.D)

Head of Communications 

Communications, Linguistics

Advisory Board

The Academic Advisory Board members help to foster the development of NeuroLandscape research by contributing to the strategy and vision of our organization in all the academic fields that it joins together. They also help grow the awareness of NeuroLandscape through various activities, support and their invaluable endorsement.

Landscape Architecture and Urban Studies

Gayle Souter-Brown

Greenstone Design UK,  Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

Daniel Irving

Chair/Academic Leader for Landscape Architecture at Unitec Institute of Technology,  Auckland, New Zealand

Dr Krzysztof Herman

Assistant Professor at the Department of Landscape Art, WULS Warsaw, Poland

Psychology & Neuroscience

Prof Fernando Barbosa

Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences , Laboratory of Neuropsychophysiology, Porto, Portugal

Dr Jakub S. Bil

Department of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, AFM Krakow University; Polish Psychiatric Association - Secretary of Ecological Psychiatry Commission of Polish Psychiatric Associacion; Polish Forensic Psychiatry Association; Owner of Inclusive Habitat Project

Dr Dorota Karwowska

Faculty of Psychology, Laboratory of Neurosciences  University of Warsaw, Poland

Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

Dr Dimitar Shterionov

ADAPT Centre, Dublin City University